Rule 22:
If parenthesis "nested (are enclosed in other parenthesis), work from the inside parenthesis out.

Problem 2: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline10 .

Answer: The answer is 9.

This problem contains "nested" and 'side-by-side" parenthesis. Simplified the inner most parenthesis first: -side" parenthesis. Simplified the inner most parenthesis first: tex2html_wrap_inline12

The problem tex2html_wrap_inline10 is now simplified to tex2html_wrap_inline16 .

The simplified problem tex2html_wrap_inline16 contains two "side-by-side" parenthesis. You can simplify these on the same level: tex2html_wrap_inline20 and tex2html_wrap_inline22

The simplified problem tex2html_wrap_inline16 is simplified further when these numbers are substituted for the original "side-by-side" parenthesis: tex2html_wrap_inline16 = tex2html_wrap_inline28 which in turn can be simplified to tex2html_wrap_inline30 .

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