Rule 23:
The parenthesis instruct you to simplify the expression within the parenthesis before you proceed. The division symbol has the same role as the parenthesis. It instructs you to treat the quantity above the numerator as if it were enclosed in a parenthesis, and to treat the quantity below the numerator as if it were enclosed in yet another parenthesis.

Problem 2: Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline18 and reduce the answer.

Answer: The answer is tex2html_wrap_inline20 .

The division symbol of the fraction takes the place of parentheses. Therefore, this problem has two parenthesis that must be removed. The numerator must be simplified, and the denominator must be simplified.

The numerator is simplified with the following steps: tex2html_wrap_inline22

The denominator is simplified with the following steps: tex2html_wrap_inline24 .

The fraction tex2html_wrap_inline26 .

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