Compound Fractions: Example

Rule 27:

A compound fraction is sometimes called a mixed number.

tex2html_wrap_inline86 , tex2html_wrap_inline88 , and tex2html_wrap_inline90 are examples of compound fractions.

Calculate tex2html_wrap_inline12 and write the answer as a simple fraction, compound number, and as a decimal.

Simple: tex2html_wrap_inline94 , Compound: tex2html_wrap_inline94 , Decimal: 0.208333.

Convert the compound numbers to simple fractions.


Recall that the parenthesis instructs the reader to treat what's inside as one number. The problem can now be written in terms of simple fractions.

tex2html_wrap_inline104 .

Convert the division to multiplication by changing the signs and inverting the numbers to the right of the signs.


The answer is the simple fraction tex2html_wrap_inline94 . Since the value is less than 1, the compound number is also the simple fraction tex2html_wrap_inline116 .

Use your calculator to estimate the decimal answer of 0.208333.

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