Rule 3:
When there are two or more exponents to the same base, multiply them.

Example 5:

tex2html_wrap_inline68 can be written tex2html_wrap_inline70 . According to Rule 1, we can add the exponents. tex2html_wrap_inline70 can now be written tex2html_wrap_inline74 . According to Rule 3, we could have gone directly to the answer by multiplying the exponents. tex2html_wrap_inline76 .

Example 6:

Simplify tex2html_wrap_inline78 . According to Rule 3, the answer is tex2html_wrap_inline80 .

Example 7:

Simplify tex2html_wrap_inline82 . The expression can be written tex2html_wrap_inline84 . You could go directly to the answer by multiplying all the exponents. tex2html_wrap_inline86 .

Example 8:
Simplify tex2html_wrap_inline88 . The solution is as follows: tex2html_wrap_inline90 .

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