Precalculus Practice Exam

Part 1 Test 2 Time: 1 hour

  1. If tex2html_wrap_inline79 and g(x)=x-1, let h(x)=f(g(x)). Answers: The function tex2html_wrap_inline93 , with interval of domain tex2html_wrap_inline95 . h(2)=1, and h(0) is undefined.

  2. Let A=(3,1), B=(7,-4) and C=(10,9).

    Answers: An equation for the first line is


    for the second line


    and for the third line


  3. What is the vertex of the graph of the parabola tex2html_wrap_inline115 ? Also: Describe how you would translate the graph so that the vertex is moved to the origin.

    Answers: The vertex is located at tex2html_wrap_inline117 . To move the vertex to the origin, you have to shift up by tex2html_wrap_inline119 units and to the left by tex2html_wrap_inline121 units.

  4. Answers: The equation has the solutions x=0, x=-1 and x=4. The inequality has at its solution set the union of the intervals tex2html_wrap_inline133 and tex2html_wrap_inline135 .

  5. A chemist mixes a 12% hydrochloric acid solution with a 5% hydrochloric acid solution. How many milliliters of each solution should the chemist use to make a 500 ml liter solution that is 8% hydrochloric acid?

    Answer: The exact answer is tex2html_wrap_inline137 ml of the 12% solution and tex2html_wrap_inline139 ml of the 5% solution. The approximate answer is 214.29 ml of the 12% solution and 285.71 ml of the 5% solution.

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