Precalculus Practice Exam

Part 4 Test 7 Time: 2 hours

  1. For the function tex2html_wrap_inline215 , determine the:

  2. Simplify each expression:

  3. Given that tex2html_wrap_inline237 and tex2html_wrap_inline239 , find the remaining five trigonometric functions of the angle tex2html_wrap_inline241 .


    tex2html_wrap_inline243 tex2html_wrap_inline245
    tex2html_wrap_inline247 tex2html_wrap_inline249
    tex2html_wrap_inline251 tex2html_wrap_inline253

  4. Find tex2html_wrap_inline255 if tex2html_wrap_inline257 . Restrict domain if necessary.

    Answer: tex2html_wrap_inline259. The restricted domain is .

  5. Find the inverse of the following function (restrict the domain if necessary):

  6. If you invested $1,000 for 4 years as follows:

  7. Find a polynomial function that passes through the point (3,24), has a double zero of 3 and zeros 1 and -1

  8. Solve for x: tex2html_wrap_inline277

    Answer: The domain is restricted to all x>1. By solving this equation algebraically we get two solutions, x=1 and x=6, but since x=1 is not in the domain of the original equation, then the only solution is x=6.

  9. Find the quadratic function tex2html_wrap_inline289 whose graph contains the points (1,-2),(2,1) and (-1,10).
    Answer: The equation is tex2html_wrap_inline291 .

  10. Suppose you are given a polynomial function of degree four with a relative maximum of 10 located at x=0, a relative maximum of 22 located at x=10, and a relative maximum of -5 located at x=4. On what interval(s) is the function:

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Fri, March 6, 1998

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