Precalculus Test Out Practice Exam

Part 2 Test 3 Time: 3 hours

  1. Find a rational function with vertical asymptotes at tex2html_wrap_inline314 and a horizontal asymptote at y=3.

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline322 .

  2. Find the slant asymptote to tex2html_wrap_inline326 .

    Answer: d) f(x)=x+2.

  3. Find the equation of a polynomial with zeros x=3 and x=3+2i.

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline344 .

  4. Find all the real zeros of the polynomial tex2html_wrap_inline348 . What is the largest rational zero?

    Answer: a) 1.

  5. Divide tex2html_wrap_inline354 by tex2html_wrap_inline356 . What is the quotient?

    Answer: a) 3x-2.

  6. Multiple and write the result in standard form: (10-8i)(2-3i).

    Answer: c) -4-46i.

  7. The path of a ball is given by


    where y is the height in feet and x is the horizontal distance in feet. Find the maximum height of the ball.

    Answer: b) 50 feet.

  8. Find the exact vertex of the parabola tex2html_wrap_inline380 .

    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline388 .

  9. Find the constant in the equation of the parabola with vertex (3,4) with point (1,8).

    Answer: a) 13.

  10. What is the difference between the graphs of f(x) and


    Answer: a) The graph of g(x) is the graph of f(x) shifted to the right 4 units, and up 3 units.

  11. What is the remainder when you divide


    by x-4 using synthetic division?

    Answer: b) 3.

  12. Find the upper bound of the zeros of tex2html_wrap_inline412 using synthetic division.

    Answer: d) 5.

  13. Simplify and write in standard form a+bi: tex2html_wrap_inline416 . Find the value of a.

    Answer: a) tex2html_wrap_inline418 .

  14. How many real solutions does tex2html_wrap_inline426 have?

    Answer: a) 1.

  15. Find the domain of the function tex2html_wrap_inline428 .

    Answer: c) All real numbers except tex2html_wrap_inline432 .

  16. Find the horizontal asymptote of the function tex2html_wrap_inline428 .

    Answer: b) y=3.

  17. Find the vertical asymptote to the right of the x-axis of the function tex2html_wrap_inline428 .

    Answer: c) x=1.

  18. Without using a calculator, approximate the value of tex2html_wrap_inline428 at x=10,000,000,000.

    Answer: d) 3

  19. Let x be the amount (in hundredths of dollars) a company spends on advertising, and let P be the profit, where tex2html_wrap_inline464 . How much advertising will yield a maximum profit?

    Answer: b) $ 2,000.

  20. Given tex2html_wrap_inline466 , find tex2html_wrap_inline468 .

    Answer: b) tex2html_wrap_inline472 .

  21. Is a circle a function?

    Answer: a) No.

  22. Is a parabola a one-to-one function?

    Answer: a) No.

  23. The formula tex2html_wrap_inline476 represents the volume of a cone. Find x in terms of the other variables.

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline484 .

  24. Factor tex2html_wrap_inline488 . What is the sum of the factors?

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline494 .

  25. On what interval(s) is the function tex2html_wrap_inline498 decreasing?

    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline506 .

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