Precalculus Test Out Practice Exam

Part 3 Test 2 Time: 3 hours

  1. Determine on what interval(s) the function tex2html_wrap_inline290 is decreasing.
    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline296 .

  2. Identify any asymptotes of the graph of tex2html_wrap_inline290 .
    Answer: a) y=2.

  3. If you deposit $5,000 in a trust fund that pays 9.5% interest, compounded continuously, which of the following values is closest to the amount that will be in the trust after 50 years. Rounded to the nearest $1.00.

    Answer: b) $577,921.

  4. The population model for a certain town is given by the equation


    where t is the time in years, with t=0 corresponding to 1990. What will the population be in 2000?

    Answer: b) 3,351.

  5. Find the domain of the function tex2html_wrap_inline310 .
    Answer: a) tex2html_wrap_inline312 .

  6. Find the inverse function of the function tex2html_wrap_inline320 .
    Answer: b) tex2html_wrap_inline324 .

  7. Use the properties of logarithms to simplify the expression tex2html_wrap_inline330 , and write as a sum difference, and/or constant multiple of logarithms.

    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline338 .

  8. Evaluate tex2html_wrap_inline340 .

    Answer: a) 2.481262.

  9. Solve tex2html_wrap_inline342 .

    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline350 .

  10. Solve tex2html_wrap_inline352 .

    Answer: b) 0.980829.

  11. Solve tex2html_wrap_inline358 .

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline362 .

  12. Solve tex2html_wrap_inline366 .

    Answer: c) None of the above, because only 6 is in the domain of the original equation.

  13. The demand equation for a certain product is given by


    Find the demands x for price tex2html_wrap_inline374 .

    Answer: a) 1426.

  14. How many years will it take your money to double if you deposit it into a fund paying 10% compounded monthly?

    Answer: d) 6.96.

  15. How many years will it take your money to double if you deposit it into an account paying 10% simple interest?

    Answer: a) 7.27.

  16. If the half-life of a substance is 500 years, how many years will it take for 60% of the substance to disappear?

    Answer: c) 661.

  17. If bacteria is growing at the rate of 10 cells per second, how long will it take for the culture to reach 1 million cells?

    Answer: d) 6 seconds.

  18. Which of the following is a power model?

    Answer: e) None of the above.

  19. Find the value of b in the exponential function tex2html_wrap_inline386 that passes through the points (0,2) and (4,3).

    Answer: c) 0.101366.

  20. Find the range of the function tex2html_wrap_inline390 .

    Answer: b) tex2html_wrap_inline296 .

  21. Find the inverse of the function tex2html_wrap_inline390 .
    Answer: d) tex2html_wrap_inline408 .

  22. Solve the following system of equations for x:


    Answer: e) None of the above. x = 2.

  23. Solve the following system of equations for y:


    Answer: c) 4.

  24. Find the value of b in the equation of the parabola tex2html_wrap_inline420 that passes through the points (0,6), tex2html_wrap_inline422 , and tex2html_wrap_inline424 .
    Answer: a) 1.

  25. A small corporation borrowed $800,000 to expand its product line. Some of the money was borrowed at 8%, some at 9%, and some at 10%. How much was borrowed at 9% if the annual interest was $67,000 and the amount borrowed at 8% was five times the amount borrowed at 10%.

    Answer: b) $50,000.

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