Precalculus Test Out Practice Exam

Part 4 Test 3 Time: 3 hours

  1. Convert the angle of magnitude tex2html_wrap_inline329 to degree measure in the degree-minute-second format.

    Answer: a) tex2html_wrap_inline331 .

  2. A truck is moving at a rate of 60 miles per hour, and the diameter of its wheels is 24 inches. Find the angular speed of the wheels in radians per minute.

    Answer: a) 5280.

  3. Find the exact value of the tex2html_wrap_inline339 if the point (-1,4) is located on the terminal side of the angle and the angle is in standard position.

    Answer: c) -4.

  4. Given that tex2html_wrap_inline349 and the terminal side of the angle is located in the third quadrant, find the exact value of the tex2html_wrap_inline351 .

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline355 .

  5. Find the reference angle to the angle equal to tex2html_wrap_inline359

    Answer: a) tex2html_wrap_inline361 .

  6. Find the period of the function tex2html_wrap_inline369 .

    Answer: d) 2.

  7. Find the exact value of tex2html_wrap_inline375 .

    Answer: c) tex2html_wrap_inline381 .

  8. Find the exact value of tex2html_wrap_inline385 .

    Answer: b) Undefined.

  9. A ship leaves port at noon and sails at a speed of 18 knots. Its bearing is N tex2html_wrap_inline389 W. If the port is positioned at the origin, determine the bearing of the position of the ship at 6 pm.

    Answer: a) N tex2html_wrap_inline389 W.

  10. The height of a radio transmission tower is 70 meters, and it casts a shadow of length 30 meters. Find the angle of depression. Round to the nearest degree.

    Answer: e) None of the above, because the answer rounded to the nearest degree is 67.

  11. Find the domain of the function tex2html_wrap_inline407 .

    Answer: c) All real numbers x such that tex2html_wrap_inline419 .

  12. Find the inverse of the function tex2html_wrap_inline427 , tex2html_wrap_inline429 .

    tex2html_wrap_inline433 .

  13. If tex2html_wrap_inline437 and tex2html_wrap_inline439 , find tex2html_wrap_inline441 .

    Answer: b) 21.

  14. Which of the following equations represents a reflection of the graph of f(x) across the y-axis?.

    None of the above. To be a reflection on the y-axis it would have to be f(-x).

  15. Where is the point (1,3) on the graph of f(x) located after the graph is reflected across the y-axis, shifted to the right 10 units, and shifted down 10 units?

    Answer: c) (9,-7).

  16. Find the equation of the parabola with vertex (2,2) that passes through the point (4,4). What is the leading coefficient in this equation?

    Answer: a) tex2html_wrap_inline455 .

  17. Find the real zeros of the polynomial tex2html_wrap_inline457 . What is the sum of these real zeros?

    Answer: a) 4.

  18. Divide tex2html_wrap_inline459 by tex2html_wrap_inline461 . What is the quotient?

    Answer: b) tex2html_wrap_inline465 .

  19. Simplify tex2html_wrap_inline471 . What is the real par of the answer?

    Answer: b) tex2html_wrap_inline475 .

  20. Find the slant asymptote of the rational function tex2html_wrap_inline481 .

    Answer: d) y=x+5.

  21. Find the exact value of tex2html_wrap_inline489 .

    Answer: b) 7

  22. Solve for x in the equation tex2html_wrap_inline491 .

    Answer: e) None of the above.

  23. Find the value of b in the exponential function tex2html_wrap_inline497 that passes through the points (5,40) and (10,400).

    Answer: a) .2

  24. How many years will it take an investment to double if it is invested at 5% compounded quarterly?


  25. Find the point of intersection of the graphs of tex2html_wrap_inline499 and tex2html_wrap_inline501 .

    Answer: a) (0,7).

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