Population Dynamics: Example 2

Example: The fox squirrel is a small mammal native to the Rocky Mountains. These squirrels are very territorial. Note the following observations:

The carrying capacity N indicates when the population is too big, and the sparsity parameter M indicates when the population is too small. A mathematical model which agrees with the above assumptions is the modified logistic model:


Find the equilibrium (critical) points. Classify them as : source, sink or node. Justify your answers.
Sketch the slope-field.
Assume N=100 and M=1 and k = 1. Sketch the graph of the solution which satisfies the initial condition y(0)=20.
Assume that squirrels are emigrating (from a certain region) with a fixed rate E. Write down the new differential equation.
Also, discuss the equilibrium (critical) points under the parameter E. When do you observe a bifurcation?


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